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Our Story

Hi, I’m Andrew! A Park Slope Dad who’s thought a lot about helping children find their unique gift, or what I like to call, “their thing.”

I discovered music can be a great path for personal development and discovery, even if they never become a professional musician. And there’s now tons of studies proving the brain development benefits of learning an instrument.

But how did I get here? It’s the early 2000s and my son Alejandro is in preschool. It’s a lovely school and yet, I can’t leave the classroom. Alejandro has deep attachment issues. He is so terrified that I have to sit in the corner of the class.

Why Our In-Home Holistic Approach Is Perfect

Formerly known as Park Slope Music Lessons, this location is the birthplace of the Musicolor Method. Founded in 2007 by Andrew Ingkavet, the school has experienced significant growth over the past 16+ years. With a team of over 24 teachers, thousands of students have been inspired, empowered, and filled with the joy of music

Made for Tiny Hands, Big Imagination

Through the Musicolor Method, we merge playful melodies with pivotal life skills ensuring your child looks forward to every lesson.

Safe, Comfortable Learning Environment

Lessons in the familiar surrounds of home mean a relaxed child, optimal for absorbing both music and life skills.

Routine Reinvention in Their Space

Inculcating values of discipline and routine becomes more effective in a familiar setting, turning daily home routines into learning experiences.

From Living Room to World Stage

Early introduction to music fosters confidence, helping them express, communicate, and shite even beyond the piano.

A Love for Learning Starts Young

By making lessons a joyous home event, we inspire a lifelong curiosity and love for learning.

The Musicolor Method:

Perfectly Tuned for Ages 4+, Right at Home

Summer Lessons

Summer Music Lessons In Your Home

In Park Slope, Brooklyn and surrounding neighborhoods

Is your child bored this summer? It’s like their new hobby is finding nothing to do! Don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect solution to beat the boredom. Our unique, colorful approach to music education keeps kids entertained and eager to learn. Say goodbye to boredom and hello to fun with our engaging and fun private music lessons at home.

Why choose Musicolor Method Park Slope? Our lessons are convenient, coming right to your home. We use fun, colorful techniques that kids love, and our methods are trusted by parents and loved by children. Discover how our method can make summer exciting and productive for your child by booking a free consultation call. Plus, get a free tote bag while supplies last!

Transform your child’s summer with engaging music lessons they’ll look forward to. Don’t wait – spots are filling up fast! Make this summer one to remember with music lessons that inspire creativity and joy.

Our Courses

Find the perfect program for your child

1-to-1 lessons





  • BASS










  • TUBA

  • SONGWRITING and more to come

Penguin Pals

Perfect for children aged 1-4, Penguin Pals is a vibrant and engaging early childhood music class designed to introduce the wonders of music to young learners.

Our unique program combines singing, clapping, movement, and an introduction to the foundational elements of music, all wrapped up in an enjoyable and nurturing environment.

Parents Share Their Stories

"My daughter has been a student at Park Slope Music Lessons for years and it's been a fabulous experience. Piano has helped provide her with a different approach to thinking and learning and she truly enjoys it. The instructors are fantastic and do an amazing job connecting with each student and tailoring their approach to their individual needs. Thank you so much!"

- Kevin DeNoia

"My daughter has never sought to play music professionally, so her continued commitment to her weekly lessons for 12+ years (even with her busy high school schedule), is a testament to how much she truly enjoys being part of the Park Slope Music Lessons family!"

- Caroline Lee

Meet our Park Slope Team

Upcoming Events

Our teachers are not just mentors and instructors; they're live performers too!

Imagine seeing your child's teacher, whom they admire, rocking out on stage! It's an experience that truly bridges the gap between classroom learning and real-world musicianship.

Here’s a calendar of upcoming gigs, concerts, album releases as well as important dates for the school.

114 Garfield Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA

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Our Blog

Child learning piano at Musicolor Method Park Slope, fostering courage and confidence through music

Nurturing Courage Through Music Lessons

June 21, 20243 min read

Nurturing Courage in Music Lessons at Musicolor Method Park Slope

At Musicolor Method Park Slope, we believe that teaching music is more than notes and rhythms; it’s nurturing courage in young, developing children. Whether it’s piano, voice, guitar or any of our other instruments, every lesson is a step towards building a courageous spirit.

Music Lessons That Nourish Courage

We are all about courage. For children especially, learning an instrument can seem insurmountable. With the right support and guidance though, it becomes self-discovery and bravery. These include:












Drums & Percussion





And many more!

Each instrument presents different challenges and opportunities for courage development among children. Every achievement, be it mastering a brand new guitar chord or hitting a high note during a vocal lesson builds up their confidence and bravery.

Diverse Neighborhoods Emanating from One Core Value of Encouraging Young People to be Brave.

Our commitment to nurturing courage through music spans across several neighborhoods. We proudly serve:

Park-Slope, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, South Slope, North Slope, Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg , Crown Heights Sunset Park Bed-Stuy.

We reach these communities out to ensure that our empowering music lessons are accessible even for kids with different backgrounds.

The Role of Courage in Music Education

Why should one have courage in music education? Well because performing before an audience, trying out a new instrument or even attempting to play complicated sheet of music takes some brave attitude indeed. At Musicolor Method Park Slope we request that our students make such daring steps knowing they will not just help them develop musically but also as individuals.

Our method is intended to make music study a positive and rewarding experience. We create an environment where children are free to explore themselves. This safe space is important in order for the developing child to take risks and push beyond their limits.

Personal Growth In Music

Learning music at Musicolor Method Park Slope is so much more than just playing an instrument, it’s personal growth. Our students learn discipline, persistence and most importantly courage. These skills are transferable outside of music and help them face other facets of life with confidence.

We ensure that our lessons appeal to each child, thus ensuring they stay interested and motivated. At the same time, our experienced tutors have a passion for teaching and are dedicated towards helping each child discover their own musicality.

Get Started with Us Today at Musicolor Method Park Slope!

If you desire your child to receive the gift of music along with the bravery to unlock his or her potential, you can find no better place than Musicolor Method Park Slope. We devote ourselves to nurturing young musicians that will grow up bold enough not be afraid of shining.

Contact us today for further details about our classes and how we can help your kid grow through music. Together we can raise a new breed of courageous, confident musicians.

Service Areas

Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, South Slope, North Slope, Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg, Crown Heights, Sunset Park, Bed-Stuy

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The Symphony of Early Childhood Awaits:

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"My son started piano lessons with Andrew & co. when he was 4 1/2. The Musicolor Method really made learning to read and play music possible for home at that age."

- Sarah Kornbluth


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